bradyfortressofflemingprofileBrady Major is an avid James Bond fan and commenter who has taken to the darker corners of the internet to share his passion for Secret Agent 007. He fell in love with the character of James Bond as a pubescent youth watching Sean Connery in Goldfinger for the first time, a fateful moment that sparked a summer full of trips to movie stores where he bought up all the 007 films he could sniff out. A little older now but thankfully still possessive of the child-like wonder that first attracted him to the Bond franchise, he is an aspiring writer and artist hailing from the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Now more than ever, the man with a licence to kill remains his greatest creative muse.

With The Fortress of Fleming blog, Brady hopes to realize a long-held dream of sharing his thoughts on one of his favorite fictional figures with a wider audience. He’s spent many years agonizing over the details of the films that make up the James Bond franchise, and will endeavor to post detailed reviews of all 24 movies and the original novels, in addition to an assortment of opinion pieces and analyses that delve into the themes or big ideas expressed by the best of them. In between all this he’ll post some more personal entries that will share a bit about himself and what first got him into exploring the world of James Bond as crafted by Ian Fleming, the master of the written word whom this blog is dedicated to.

Brady hopes that the audience this blog attracts, whether meager or immense, will enjoy his perspective on the cultural icon of James Bond and will find themselves exploring the unrivaled worlds of the films and novels on their own to see what insights they can gain from Fleming’s creations.

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